Find out what is going on in the ONTOX project

ONTOXPrecisionTox and RISK-HUNT3R joint their forces to support the European Parliament motion for resolution on an EU Action plan to accelerate the transition towards non-animal testing. The adoption vote will be on September 13 during the next MEP plenary session in Strasbourg. Click here to read the letter
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September 09, 2021

Alasdair R. Irvine, Damiën van Berlo, Rawan Shekhani, Rosalinde Masereeuw (2021).
A systematic review of in vitro models of drug-induced kidney injury.
Current Opinion in Toxicology, Volume 27, 2021, Pages 18-26, ISSN 2468-2020

July 27, 2021

Report from the ONTOX kick-off meeting PUBLISHED IN TOXICOLOGY

Vinken M., Benfenati E., Busquet F., Castell J., Clevert D.A., de Kok T. M., Dirven H., Fritsche E., Geris L., Gozalbes R., Hartung T., Jennen D., Jover R., Kandarova H., Kramer N., Krul C., Luechtefeld T., Masereeuw R., Roggen E., Schaller S., Vanhaecke T., Yang Ch., Piersma A. H. (2021). Safer chemicals using less animals: kick-off of the European ONTOX project. Toxicology 458:152846

July 07, 2021

The first paper from the ONTOX Consortium!

Tabernilla A., dos Santos Rodrigues B., Pieters A., Caufriez A., Leroy K., Van Campenhout R., Cooreman A., Gomes A.R., Arnesdotter E., Gijbels E., Vinken M. (2021). In vitro liver toxicity testing of chemicals: a pragmatic approach. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22: 5038.

May 10, 2021

How Non-Animal Testing Can Reshape Health and Environment Policies 

“The development of alternatives to animal testing is not only an ethical and moral need, but it is also a necessary step to effectively address pollution – the largest environmental cause of disease and death worldwide”.

An interesting article written by Jeanne Laperrouze – Altertox

May 9, 2021

Kick-off of the  ONTOX project today!

The kick-off meeting of the EU project ONTOX (Ontology-driven and artificial intelligence-based repeated dose toxicity testing of chemicals for next generation risk assessment) was held on 4-5 May 2021. ONTOX is an H2020 funded project involving 18 European and US teams working on new approach methodologies to replace animal experimentation for chemical toxicity testing purposes.

May 04, 2021