EUROTOX podcast with Harm Heusinkveld

In the EUROTOX podcast’s second episode, Harm Heusinkveld explains how chemicals can impact the brain and the challenges in effectively implementing regulations to reduce risks associated with human exposure to neurotoxic substances.

Harm Heusinkveld, neurotoxicologist from theĀ National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), one of the ONTOX partners, shared his in-depth knowledge of neurodegenerative disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

What will you learn in the podcast?

  • How have toxicologists discovered that chemicals can affect the brain?
  • How Harm started the path to becoming a neurotoxicologist?
  • What is it to be a researcher at the RIVM and work with regulators?
  • How will New Approach Methodologies impact academia and regulators?
  • Why do we still struggle to implement effective regulations reducing the risks associated with our exposure to neurotoxic chemicals?
  • What are Harm’s team activities in the ONTOX project?

This podcast was created by the In vitro and in silico specialty section (In2TOX) of EUROTOX and the ONTOX partner, Altertox Academy.