EUROTOX podcast with Eliska Kuchovska

Are toxic chemicals in your environment affecting your brain? A new EUROTOX podcast with Eliska Kuchovska explores the science behind developmental neurotoxicology.

ONTOX young scientist Eliska Kuchovska from IUF – Leibniz Research Institute for Environmental Medicine explains the world of developmental neurotoxicology in the first episode of the new podcast series. Listeners will learn about the difficulties of studying the effect of chemicals on brain development and why quantitative Adverse outcome pathways and physiological maps can help.

Here is a sample of what you will find out in the podcast:

  • How Eliska became a human toxicologist?
  • Why is research on toxic chemicals in brain development so important?
  • What methods are available for testing the chemicals’ impact on the developing brain?
  • Are there differences in chemicals’ effects on women and men?
  • How efficient and ethical are New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) compared to animal tests?
  • What is Eliska’s role in ONTOX?
  • Are there any advantages of being a young researcher in a consortium such as ONTOX?

This podcast was created by the In vitro and in silico specialty section (In2TOX) of EUROTOX and Altertox Academy, one of the ONTOX partners.