ONTOX’s first annual meeting in Brussels

On May 3-4, 2022, the ONTOX will summarize first-year outcomes. For the first time, the consortium meets physically.

The meeting will be held in Brussels, Belgium, after the first year since the launch of the ONTOX project (May 1, 2021). 

The main motivation to conceive ONTOX was the societal, ethical and economic need for animal-free methods to test the safety of chemicals, thereby relying on state-of-the-art methodology and scientific knowledge.

Towards probabilistic risk assessment and the vision

The central theme of the first ONTOX annual meeting is “Towards probabilistic risk assessment“. All work package (WP) leaders will present a clear overview of the achieved tasks and efforts towards the probabilistic risk assessment during the project’s first year. WP leaders will also describe the next steps for the following year and how they plan to enhance cooperation within the ASPIS cluster (the collaboration of the three Horizon 2020 EU projects: ONTOX, PrecisionTox and RISK-HUNT3R).

Program of the ONTOXs first annual meeting.

The Scientific Advisory Board members will be present during the whole meeting. They will scrutinize the ONTOX achievements and give the consortium feedback to keep the project on track towards achieving its vision.

The vision of ONTOX is to provide a functional and sustainable solution for advancing human risk assessment of chemicals without the use of animals in line with the principles of 21st-century toxicity testing and next-generation risk assessment as well as with the 3Rs principles.