First ONTOX Stakeholder Network meeting next week in Brussels

On 13 and 14 March, the first Stakeholder Network meeting will prioritise and address specific issues for the planned ONTOX hackathon.

ONTOX Stakeholder Network meetings aim to map barriers and drivers concerning New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) and probabilistic risk assessment, address specific issues, and rank those issues from persistent to easily solvable. The first of these on invitation-only meetings will be held in Brussels from 13 to 14 March.

The initial Stakeholder Network meeting, subtitled “Digging under the surface of ONTOX”, will bring together critical stakeholder groups necessary to fully implement ONTOX’s vision and exploit the concrete project results.

“We are looking forward to hearing ideas from invited experts. Discussions will undoubtedly be enriching. Stakeholders will examine what is needed to successfully proceed towards the full implementation of NAMs, usage of the probabilistic risk assessment and future reliance on AI and machine learning. ONTOX consortium prepared several presentations on the scientific work that has been done. We hope this will be good food for thought for the planned break-out sessions during the meeting,” explains Michael G. Diemar from Work Package 6 (Risk assessment and implementation), the main organiser on behalf of ONTOX.

More than 30 professionals from 20 different organisations confirmed their attendance. Amidst them are representatives from the European Commission, EU agencies, regulatory authorities, companies and industrial associations, academia and non-governmental organisations.

The first ONTOX hackathon will follow after this Stakeholder Network meeting. During the hackathon, scheduled for the second half of 2023/beginning of 2024, attendees will elaborate on the challenges identified at the first Stakeholder Network meeting.