ONTOX and ASPIS at the WC12 in Canada

The 12th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences (WC12) occurred on 27-31 August 2023 in Niagara Falls, Canada. ONTOX scientists participated in the programme and presented ONTOX’s work in the ASPIS cluster booth.

“This is the only place where the 3Rs, in all their aspects of refinement, replacement and reduction, fully meet the 3Is. So that is international, inter-sectoral and interdisciplinary. And this is exactly the kind of strategy we need to expedite the implementation of the 3Rs,” reflected Mathieu Vinken, ONTOX coordinator, on the main drivers to attend WC12.

Eliška Kuchovská, ONTOX young scientist, who delivered the talk on the biological applicability domain of developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) New Approach Methodologies (NAMs), which aim to increase regulatory confidence in these methods, commented: “It is really exciting to be here and hear all the inspirational talks from all the researchers and, risk assessors and industrial partners. Everybody is so excited about ending animal testing, and we can get so much inspiration from them.”

WC12 also hosted the dedicated ASPIS cluster scientific session, chaired by Mathieu Vinken (ONTOX coordinator) and Bob van de Water (RISK-HUNT3R coordinator). Here, the cluster presented a joint effort towards Next Generation Risk Assessment, its regulatory acceptance and the next step for animal-free testing.

Moreover, the ASPIS cluster participated in the #UseScienceNotAnimals World Cafè, organised by Unilever. The audience had the excellent opportunity to learn more about the ASPIS Safety Profiling Algorithm (ASPA) developed by RISK-HUNT3R, along with ONTOX and PrecisionTox.

The next event where ONTOX and ASPIS cluster will demonstrate their work is the EUROTOX Congress (10-13 September) and linked ASPIS Open Symposium 2023 (14-15 September). Both events will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia.