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Published in 2023

Unraveling the mechanisms underlying drug-induced cholestatic liver injury: identifying key genes using machine learning techniques on human in vitro data sets

Jiang J., van Ertvelde J., Ertaylan G., Peeters R., Jennen D., de Kok T. M., Vinken M.

Archives of Toxicology | August 2023

Optimization of an adverse outcome pathway network on chemical-induced cholestasis using an artificial intelligence-assisted data collection and confidence level quantification approach

van Ertvelde J., Verhoeven A., Maerten A., Cooreman A., Dos Santos Rodrigues B., Sanz-Serrano J., Mihajlovic M., Tripodi I., Teunis M., Jover R., Luechtefeld T., Vanhaecke T., Jiang J., Vinken M.

Journal of Biomedical Informatics  | August 2023

Predicting the Mitochondrial Toxicity of Small Molecules: Insights from Mechanistic Assays and Cell Painting Data

Garcia de Lomana M., Marin Zapata P. A., Montanari F.

Chemical Research in Toxicology | July 2023

The effects of hexabromocyclododecane on the transcriptome and hepatic enzyme activity in three human HepaRG-based models

Proença S., van Sabben N., Legler J., Kamstra J. H., Kramer N. I.

Toxicology | February 2023

Published in 2022

Natural language processing in toxicology: Delineating adverse outcome pathways and guiding the application of new approach methodologies

Corradi M., de Haan A., Staumont B., Piersma A., Geris L., Pieters R., Krul C., Teunis M.

Biosystems and Biomaterials | August 2022

Monte Carlo Models for Sub-Chronic Repeated-Dose Toxicity: Systemic and Organ-Specific Toxicity

Selvestrel G., Lavado G. J., Toropova A. P., Toropov A. A., Gadaleta D., Marzo M., Baderna D., Benfenati E.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | June 2022

Replacement of animal testing by integrated approaches to testing and assessment (IATA): a call for in vivitrosi

Caloni F., De Angelis I., Hartung T.

Archives of Toxicology | May 2022

Mitochondria as the Target of Hepatotoxicity and Drug-Induced Liver Injury: Molecular Mechanisms and Detection Methods

Mihajlovic M., Vinken M.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | March 2022

Prediction of the Neurotoxic Potential of Chemicals Based on Modelling of Molecular Initiating Events Upstream of the Adverse Outcome Pathways of (Developmental) Neurotoxicity

Gadaleta D., Spînu N., Roncaglioni A., Cronin M. T. D., Benfenati E.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | March 2022

Scientific Validation of Human Neurosphere Assays for Developmental Neurotoxicity Evaluation

Koch K., Bartmann K., Hartmann J., Kapr J., Klose J., Kuchovská E., Pahl M., Schlüppmann K., Zühr E., Fritsche E.

Frontiers in Toxicology | March 2022

Multi-task Proteochemometric Modelling

Pentina A., Clevert D.-A.

ChemRxiv™ | February 2022

Probabilistic risk assessment – the keystone for the future of toxicology

Maertens A., Golden E., Luechtefeld T. H., Hoffmann S., Tsaioun K., Hartung T.

ALTEX – Alternatives to animal experimentation | January 2022

Published in 2021

Unsupervised Representation Learning for Proteo-chemometric Modeling

Kim P. T., Winter R., Clevert D.-A.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | December 2021

Img2Mol – accurate SMILES recognition from molecular graphical depictions

Clevert D.-A., Le T., Winter R., Montanari F.

Chemical Science | November 2021

Connexin-Based Channel Activity Is Not Specifically Altered by Hepatocarcinogenic Chemicals

Leroy K., Pieters A., Cooreman A., Van Campenhout R., Cogliati B., Vinken M.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | October 2021

Protocol for a systematic scoping review

Husøy T., Diemar M. G., Roggen E. L., Kalyva M., Dirven H., Vist G. E.

Methods and tools for assessing chemical exposure in humans (Publication in conference program) | October 2021

Primary Human Hepatocyte Spheroids as Tools to Study the Hepatotoxic Potential of Non-Pharmaceutical Chemicals

Vilas-Boas V., Gijbels E., Leroy K., Pieters A., Baze A., Parmentier C., Vinken M.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | October 2021

A systematic review of in vitro models of drug-induced kidney injury

Irvine A. R., van Berlo D., Shekhani R., Masereeuw R.

Current Opinion in Toxicology | September 2021

Safer chemicals using less animals: kick-off of the European ONTOX project

Vinken M., Benfenati E., Busquet F., Castell J., Clevert D. A., de Kok T. M., Dirven H., Fritsche E., Geris L., Gozalbes R., Hartung T., Jennen D., Jover R., Kandarova H., Kramer N., Krul C.,
Luechtefeld T., Masereeuw R., Roggen E., Schaller S., Vanhaecke T., Yang Ch., Piersma A. H.

Toxicology | June 2021

In Vitro Liver Toxicity Testing of Chemicals: A Pragmatic Approach

Tabernilla A., dos Santos Rodrigues B., Pieters A., Caufriez A., Leroy K., Van Campenhout R., Cooreman A., Gomes A. R., Arnesdotter E., Gijbels E., Vinken M.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences | May 2021