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Alasdair R. Irvine, Damiën van Berlo, Rawan Shekhani, Rosalinde Masereeuw (2021).
A systematic review of in vitro models of drug-induced kidney injury.
Current Opinion in Toxicology, Volume 27, 2021, Pages 18-26.

Vinken M., Benfenati E., Busquet F., Castell J., Clevert D.A., de Kok T. M., Dirven H., Fritsche E., Geris L., Gozalbes R., Hartung T., Jennen D., Jover R., Kandarova H., Kramer N., Krul C., Luechtefeld T., Masereeuw R., Roggen E., Schaller S., Vanhaecke T., Yang Ch., Piersma A. H. (2021). Safer chemicals using less animals: kick-off of the European ONTOX project. Toxicology 458:152846

Tabernilla A., dos Santos Rodrigues B., Pieters A., Caufriez A., Leroy K., Van Campenhout R., Cooreman A., Gomes A.R., Arnesdotter E., Gijbels E., Vinken M. (2021). In vitro liver toxicity testing of chemicals: a pragmatic approach. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22:5038.